We are introducing a new program of representatives with which we expanded our business to waste disposal:

  • small mixed non-hazardous waste incinerator
  • small incinerators for medical waste
  • small incinerators for burning special waste

Stranica: www.elastec.com

Incinerator products - small mixed non-hazardous waste incinerator -  SmartAsh

This multipurpose Incinerator is used for: remote locations, mining camps, job sites, oil drilling operations, truck stops, construction sites, islands, barges, campsites

Average burn ratio 22kg/h.

Small Incinerators for medical waste MediBurn

This Portable Medical Waste Incinerator is used for the disposal of up to 22m3 of infectious and pathological waste for the small medical facility.

Portable and easy to operate. M

ediBurn incinerates everything from laboratory waste to animal remains.


Small incinerators for burning special waste - Drug Terminator

Incinerator specifically designed for safe and efficient disposal of confiscated drugs.

Drug Terminator is used by local law enforcement when other disposal options are limited. Drug Terminator is wood or charcoal fired.

The volume of material is reduced to an average of 1% ash. Non-combustible drug paraphernalia is sterilized by heat and can be disposed in municipal waste.