The growing demand for electric and hybrid cars

The growing demand for electric and hybrid cars is a new challenge for manufacturers of protective equipment.

27. 02. 2020.

CATU celebrates 100 years

Created in 1919, the CATU company developed its activities, from its creation, on the manufacturing of material and equipment for the transmission and distribution networks of electrical energy.

24. 05. 2019.

The New PTE-100-C

The lightest IP 67 single phase protective relay tester on the market

22. 02. 2018.

Arc Flash face shield with headband MO-286

Protective screen against electrical short-circuit arc. Compliant with the GS-ET-29 Arc Flash standard (class 1). Insulating up to 1000 V AC/DC.

20. 02. 2018.


CATU has integrated the design and manufacture of electric insulating gloves into one of its production units. A unique manufacturing procedure on the market with a patented process.

18. 02. 2018.

New Product - ODOR EASY, AXEL Semrau

Stationary measuring device for the automated on-site analysis of odorant concentration.

06. 07. 2017.

We are introducing a new program of representatives

with which we expanded our business to waste disposal: small mixed non-hazardous waste incinerator, small incinerators for medical waste, small incinerators for burning special waste
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15. 10. 2014.

Representative and Distributor for the producer Nortroll Norway

We become the exclusive Representative and Distributor for the producer Nortroll Norway, manufacturers of fault indicators which signaling fault and short circuit of the electrical network. Products Line Troll used the overhead line while Cabel Troll products are made to the underground, the cable network.

03. 07. 2013.


Our principal EUROSMC introduced a new instrument for testing large currents: RAPTOR. All of the instrument can be found at, and all of the event presentation you can see in the video below.

20. 03. 2013.